Whether the party is for a kid or for an adult one thing is certain, all birthdays are special! And planning a birthday party is harder than it sounds.

It’s more than just making a guest list and buying the birthday boy or girl a present. It’s about making the day special as it should be, and memorable, and birthdays are the perfect time to show a person how much they mean.

With all of those things in mind the next time you walk into a birthday party and see the lights, balloons, streamers or if you notice that the napkins match the plates, remember that someone spent a lot of time and money to get even the smallest detail right so that a loved one can have a great birthday celebration.

Who knows, maybe one day you’ll be the one having to throw a birthday bash! So here’s everything you need to know about birthdays parties and decorating.

You know who your friends are and you know that family members will show up for the big day, so now you have an idea of how many people will be at this shindig.

You call a caterer or visit the grocery store and get the things that you would like (and other too) to serve at the party. So within, give or take, two days you have gotten the easy parts done. Now it’s time to delve into the real trouble-maker behind any birthday party; decorating.

Now you may not think decorating is much of a big deal, after all they are just a bunch of streamers and balloons right? Wrong, every individual ornament or piece of decoration used usually contributes to the overall theme of a birthday party.

And yes birthday parties, even ones for adults, have themes. And the theme you choose for the birthday party will help you determine what kind of decorations you will need, what style of decorations will compliment the area in which you are having the party and the color or combination of colors that the decorations should be.

At this point you should think about getting the most anticipated item of any birthday party and possibly the only decoration that a party cannot survive without, and that is the birthday cake.

The cake can be as elaborate as you can afford or as modest, but what is most important is that the cake not only matches the other decorations and general theme of the party, but the cake should also reflect something of the birthday boy or girl.

Once a theme is chosen and you know the decorations you want to use, the next task is putting the decorations up in the most appropriate and flattering place. This may take a while and several opinions before the right spot is found for a particular set of decorations.

But the work and decorating are not over just yet, because whatever food or candy you are offering your guests has to be conveniently available, as well as plates, cups and napkins. Remember, when serving anything edible always be sure to use clean dishes, and use dishes and serving trays that will make the food or snacks on them seem delectable.

Other negligible factors will depend solely on the age of the birthday person and the likes/dislikes of the same are dress code, alcohol, music (DJ or home stereo) and of course, the time the party is scheduled to start and its subsequent end.

Above all, the ultimate goal is to ensure that the birthday person is having a great time and your guests are treated well. So birthday parties, though they often run smoothly and easily, are much more complicated than you might think, and the only reason birthday parties seem so easy to pull off on the surface is because someone is doing a lot of work below deck.

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