Shower curtains are probably the most visible part of your bathroom decor. They can be seen from every corner of the room and are also usually the largest hanging item.

They line your tub, protect your floor from splashed water, and give you a sense of privacy while bathing. So it makes sense to choose your shower curtains wisely. Use the guide below to find just the right shower curtains for your bathroom.

Choose by Style, Colors, and Patterns
Shower curtains can match your decor in several ways. Your bathroom may follow a certain theme such as dolphins, fish, birds, flowers, and even more dramatic effects such as giraffes or tigers!

The shower curtains can match your bathroom’s theme. For added beauty, choose a shower curtain liner that’s a solid color. This will bring out the themed curtain even more.

If your bathroom is decorated in colors rather than a certain theme, choose shower curtains that match or complement those colors. Some color combinations to consider are light (or mint green) and white, burgundy and beige variations or cinnamon colors, red and white or red and black, blue with light mauve, yellow with pastels, or dark green with a mix of floral patterns including burgundy, green, blue, and yellow flowers.

If you have a window curtain in your bathroom, you can also match your shower curtain to your window curtain. This causes all other colors and patterns to fall into place.

Consider Practicality
If decorating a children’s bathroom, consider a simple vinyl or plastic curtain that offers a fun and playful theme. For a formal bathroom, choose cotton, silk, or linen with a PVC vinyl or fabric liner.

Choose a shower curtain that’s durable and can easily be cleaned. Check for good stitching and grommets (reinforcements for the ring holes) that are rustproof.

To simplify things, you can now choose shower curtain liners that are very easy to remove for cleaning. There are zip-off shower curtain liners that zip on and off just below the rings for cleaning and can be washed in the washing machine. These easy-to-remove shower curtain liners save you time if you’re always in a hurry when cleaning.

Shower Curtain Rods and Rings
Be sure to choose shower curtain rods and rings that enhance your decor, especially in a formal bathroom. Detailed shower curtain rings will stand out to your guests and add beauty to your curtains and tub. The rod should be made of materials that will not rust or peel. Both the rod and rings should be strong enough to hold your shower curtains.

To increase the “space” in your bathtub, use curved rods that come out and around from the tub. These are lovely and give you plenty of elbowroom!

Once you decide on colors and styles for your bathroom, you’re ready to shop for shower curtains. You can compare styles and even buy shower curtains online from your own personal computer.

There are many colors and styles as well as easy-to-remove shower curtain liners that make decorating and cleaning a breeze. Give your bath decor the look and feel you want today!

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